Monday, October 27, 2014

One Seventy One and a Half

So I got on the Wii Fit U scale yesterday (it’s the same as the Wii Fit scale, just new software) and I was up over 170lbs.  I have not been over 170, in over four years!

There was no real BIG shock, but there was some dismay.  over the course of two tiny little months I have gone from fit and pretty trim, to a bit soft in the middle as evidenced by not fitting well in a sitting position in my dress shirt on anniversary dinner night.

I walk all the time, probably an average of 4 km a day while pushing a stroller.  I run once in a while, usually twice a week, and have fit in a work out maybe once a week on average since the children have arrived in our home.

Clearly it’s not enough, at least not enough for what I am eating, which is not all that much different from pre children in the house days, except for a bit more banana bread.

And so. It’s on.  how does getting fat start? it starts with being over some weight you have not been over in four year and then just letting it slip by unaddressed. I worked too many hours to let this fitness go away.

Yesterday I ran 9 km, today 5, and I walked 2 more, and worked out during rest time.  My actual hope is that this time the loose skin goes away with the fat, but we’ll see about that as it happens.