Thursday, January 1, 2015

Out With A Bang

I was able to finish off  this year strong with several trips to the gym in the last few weeks. It turns out moving to Campbellford has been a boon to my fitness as now the gym is less than two and a half minutes away as opposed to the twenty minutes away it used to be while living in Bridgenorth.

The gym I'm able to go to now is not as elaborate as the Peterborough Sport and Wellness centre was,  honestly it's a more glorified and well equipped version of what I had in my garage,  free weights the typical circuit machines and some cardio equipment along with floor space. It's a home  gym on steroids.

All that said I've been there seven or eight times since the 19th! I feel short of my goal to go 2500 kilometres this year but by less than 200 k. I did go further than last year though.

This year I'm not making a distance based goal as I felt last year that I chose riding my bike instead of running or  weightlifting simply to get more kilometres racked up instead of focusing on tougher workouts.

With that change in goal in mind I'm not sure how exactly to go about setting a goal for the year this time around as ' work out harder ' is a very nebulous goal.  In the short term I want to get back to the 165-168 pound range (down from 172 pre- Christmas)and perhaps working toward bench pressing my weight or more again.

What are your goals for 2015? Where you successful in reaching your goals for 2014?