Thursday, April 28, 2011

Being an Adult… Round 2

So it’s been a while since I wrote anything, but that is because school work in the last few weeks was killer.  However that work is done now, successfully I might add, and now it’s time to re-join the world of adults and work for a living instead of hanging out with friends and doing school work.

I will really miss school.  It was such a great experience and opportunity to be able to go to school again. Sitting in class and making friends and jokes most of the time, except this time around I did my work and got good marks and hopefully helped a few people along the way.  Being able to go back and do college over again was really a great chance to see how far I had come as a person.

The fist time through school I did far too much goofing off and not enough work.  This time I had fun, and more fun because I wasn’t shy and quiet and such.  I was able to put to use so many of the things I had learned elsewhere to use both in my work and in the classroom to make friends and entertain.

I finished classes last Thursday, and I have had three interviews already, one of them was a job right on the spot!  That’s a pretty quick turnaround time I’d say especially since neither of my last two placements where in a child care setting.

The people and the faculty at Fleming really made the last two years enjoyable, I’m so glad I got to be a kid again and go to college!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Awards and Achievements

I have not won very many things in my life.  I never won at the science fair in grade school, I didn’t ever get a gold on the Canada Fitness test.  I did win High Jump in grade 8 for our school, but that leads into a whole different story.

Recently I have won two completely different types of awards.  A few years ago our Karate Club held a Tournament where I ended up winning a 1st place for Kata and a 3rd place for weapons forms.  I was very proud are I believe rightfully so.  I put in a lot of effort practiced a lot and on the day I pulled off couple of really good forms.  I think that is one of the highlights of my martial arts career so far, it was a really great day of competition and the fact that I won something is truly something to be proud of.

Over the weekend I got a different type of award.  Each year our hockey league has a banquet and gives out a couple of league wide awards and then individual team awards for the most improved player.  Typically this has been for the increase of the level of play on the ice, a progression in skill.  This year my team mates voted the most improved player to be me!  I am proud, but I am also amazingly humbled.  It’s a completely different feeling to be given an award based on the votes of your peers.

I really am thankful for the award and proud that my fellow teammates deemed me worthy of it.

Thanks Guys!