Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fitness Goals For 2012

There I was walking down the street yesterday just about to head into the used game store downtown and I hear my name shouted. “Chris!” the shout came since that is my name and who was it but Matt and Kate who just so happened to be in town.  Coincidence or what?

We had lunch and then a coffee and hot chocolate, I had the hot chocolate.  During the course of the afternoon Kate asked me what my fitness goals for the year are and really I didn’t have much in mind at the time, just maintaining what I have achieved so far I supposed and running in my race, the Warrior Dash.  Oh and lifting things, but I mentioned that as sort of an afterthought.

I’ve had the chance to think about it a bit further and even now I don’t have many goals beyond those few things.  At the gym I would like to be able to bench press my own weight and then two plates (180lbs) by the end of the year.  I have no idea if that is actually great or not.  At the moment I can lift 120lbs (plus the bar – which turns out to be my own weight) which isn’t a lot I guess, but I have not been training for heavy lifting, just fitness for the last two years.  I do my bench press as part of a routine and so I lift that weight 30 times with two varieties of push-ups in between each set of ten lifts.  So it’s not that I want to lift my weight period, I want to be able to lift it 30 times.  So far I have been upping the weight I press each week by 10lbs for the last five weeks or so since I just returned to doing the bench press after my two previous workout plans didn’t have it at all.

Last year I left off running a 5K route in about 23:30 on average, I’d like to get that down under 23 minutes consistently in time for the Warrior Dash.  That will take some doing I am sure, and I’m not certain how to actually go about it other than just run, so we will have to see about that.

As for maintaining what I have achieved so far I think that is quite doable, I have done it now for over a year and fluctuated within five pounds bouncing over 165lbs only after our cruise for about two days.  I’ve also been at my ‘new’ job for six months now and have been able to fit in gym time and such without too much difficulty so all things being equal maintaining my fit and healthy body should not be a huge challenge.

What are your fitness goals?  How to you plan on getting there?

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  1. So 2012 is over, how did I do?

    Benching 180 or more - done, I have been doing more than 180 for the last month and a bit.

    Run 5k consistently under 23 minutes - Also success, I have had two main areas of running, in Peterborough and now out in Bridgenorth. It turns out that I divided up my times by route and the routes in Peterborough before the warrior dash came out to about 22:30 for 5k. In the new hillier route in Bridgenorth (after the Dash) it's about 23:30 for five 5k.

    Maintain - done I changed by no more than 3 pounds up or down all year.

    Woo! How did you do?