Monday, September 15, 2014

Babies and Fitness

Leading up to being off with my two new girls I heard quite a few people speculate that my days of having time for fitness were over!  As with much of what I have learned over the last four years, making time for anything is a choice,  simple as that.

A quick look at my tracking and in the weeks since the girls have arrived my fitness patterns have certainly changed. Not in duration but in what form they take.

I'm sad to say that I have not done much weightlifting in the last few weeks. That is certainly hard to make time for as someone has to be inside and the weights are out in the garage.

Cardio is not a problem!  We walk all over the place, usually between 4 and 6 kilometres a morning.  It's not high intensity but walking with a double stroller is a pretty good workout.  And now I've got my croozer stroller figured out we can run or bike and I can have both girls with me no problem.   Today for instance I ran 10k! It takes a little longer than it would without the stroller,  56 minutes today,  but it's really doable and it lets me take the girls and give Amber some time to do things with a little peace and quiet.

In the month that we've had the girls here my weight is actually slightly down over all, I was 165 yesterday morning (down from about 167 or so at the start of August).

It is that way though even though I eat a few more snacks (yogurt and homemade banana bread are frequently available). But I make a conscious effort to get that workout in even if it is just an hour of walking or a quick hard run on a weekend morning when Amber is home.

The time for fitness is there,  you just have to find where it's hiding.

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