Friday, December 19, 2014

Gym Membership

I was at the gym in Campbellford just now and it was awesome!  I haven't had a gym membership in nearly a year but these last four months since the girls came to our house have been awful for exercise.  I was out walking a lot but it's not the same.

All I did tonight at the gym was run, but it was great!  I was able to run without having to push a stroller and without freezing my face off.   The best part is that it's a 24 hour gym and only five minutes from our new house!

The last four months have seen me gain about 7 pounds and get a bit soft around the middle,  it's amazing how fast the body backslides when you can't get out regularly. 
My plan,  be back to my August shape by the end of the month!

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