Saturday, October 30, 2010

What's In A Name

I fiddled around with the name for this blog for the better part of the afternoon before deciding on 'Wisdom, Courage, Power' on the way home from the gym.

At first it was named Attitude, Behaviour, Character which are the 3 words we have on the brown belt sheets at the karate club, but then I thought that titling my blog that was hmmm..  a bit presumptuous.  So I switched it to Chris Talkin' as a placeholder (that's right talkin' without the G).  I decided on Wisdom, Courage, Power as it's a collection of words that I have put forward as a necessary trio on my way towards becoming a black belt at karate.  Many will also know, that these three things make up the Triforce in the Legend of Zelda series.

Symbolized like this:

Power sits on the top with wisdom and courage forming the base.  Without first having wisdom and the courage to act, power has no base.

That is how I have approached my drive to become a black belt.   To gather wisdom, from experience, from observation, from lessons, from other people.  To have the courage to do what must be done, to accept where my weaknesses are and strive to improve upon them, to be able to step forward and lead verbally and by example when needed.  With these two things Power has the base to stand upon, fortunately, wisdom and courage are always being tested and challenged with new situations, and one's sense of power must always be tempered by that fact.  Someone who craves power without having the other two qualities in their character is someone who is dangerous, and ultimately unworthy of the power they think they have.

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  1. YEP!!!!!! you must have a great Karate teacher / Karate family to learn all this stuff !!!!!!! hehhehehee