Saturday, March 26, 2011

Responsibility and Success, Together at Last!

Who is responsible for your success?

This is actually something that has come up just recently in a couple of venues in my life, both at Karate and with school.  I have long been a proponent that there is indeed only one person solely responsible for one’s success.  While it is true that we all need guidance and help from time to time from other people there is, in the end one person that decides to act upon the guidance, accept advice or take help when it is offered.

Many people fold at times of adversity or look for an easy way out or excuse.  But who’s choice is that?  I agree, things in life are not always as easy as we’d like them to be, but growth comes from facing challenges head on and doing what must be done when it must be done.  It’s such an accepted paradigm that it’s everywhere.  Any movie that had character growth there is some sort of conflict or situation that must be over come.  Any video game where experience must be earned, battles are the way to make it happen.  In this instance life is no different except you are not passively watching  , or controlling a character.

You are responsible for your own success or failure, at times it may seem easier to blame others, to complain that life is unfair.  It takes a realization of responsibility and a concerted effort to accept a challenge and grow.

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