Saturday, March 12, 2011


I hate being sick.  Every 2 years or so I get sick enough that I can't do much of anything for a few days.  I was hoping that with being in better shape I would have broken that cycle, and it did end up being delayed a little bit but what can you do?

This time I've just had a fever really which has now turned into a head that feels like it will explode with sinuses all stuffed up, though that is passing a bit now. In 2009 I was laid up on the couch for about a week and while I drifted in an out of consciousness I learned a lot about playing poker as a watched a whole tournament.  In December of 2006 it was the worst though I would say, I spent about 2 weeks hacking up slimeballs.  Dreadful.

I think what upsets me most about this round of sickness is that it knocked me out of two days of placement, which is not ideal in any way.  Thankfully it is passing now and by Monday I should be alright again for another two years with a cold here and there sprinkled in for good measure.

I do think handling sickness is in how you approach it though, once my fever had loosened it's grip on me I got a little bit of housework and homework done, during the short colds I had earlier this year I still went to the gym and hockey.  A lot of people really shutdown completely when they get the sniffles, and I think that's counter productive to get better.  Get your body moving a bit and do a few things here and there and you'll get better faster.

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