Thursday, May 5, 2011

3 Resumes, 3 Interviews, 3 Jobs

I have graduated college for the second time in my life now.  Many years ago it was for computer support and I had a middling first career as a support tech.  It may not have been glamorous, but I met a lot of good people and had a pile of fun along the way. (In fact Damion and I just took a trip to Ajax together just for the fun of it while he picked up a couple of computers).

On April 21st I had my last day of college for the second time. With a 90% average and being requested to speak to people who are either still students or now my peers and colleagues on a few occasions I’d say this trip through the ever mixed up hallways of Fleming was much more successful.

What has really driven home this point for me though is my success at landing both interviews and jobs.  Before I had even graduated college I had two interviews set up for the following week, and the day after my last day I had three interviews.  At each of these interviews I was asked similar style questions but even on the first the answers just rolled out of my mouth like I knew what I was talking about.  This is something that never happened with me for computer job interviews, even after having been in the field for almost seven years!

It is exciting to have your ideas and knowledge put to a test, where it’s not for marks and you don’t know exactly what answers the testers are looking for (much different from school), and coming out on the other side of that test with the approval of these people who have been in their field of work for years.

All the positions I interviewed for are for supply work, which doesn’t pay the bills quite as well as full time work at the moment but I think it’s a good move to make.  I’ll get to see many centres, many styles of teaching and guiding and setup. It will be like continuing education but getting paid for it.

In my computer career, especially at the end my resume to interview ratio was probably about 5:1, though my interviews to jobs were still high, they were not the types of jobs that I really was looking for in the end and so I turned down many after seeing what they were all about.  So far as an ECE I purposefully put out 3 resumes, I got 3 interviews and landed 3 jobs all in less than a week!

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  1. Oh My God Chris! I am so so proud of you and I'm not even your mom! Way to go pal! Awesomely impressive!Congratulations, Love Lee