Monday, May 30, 2011

It Took a Year

So a year ago during the amazing playoff run the Canadiens had I posted a video up on youtube that featured a hardly audible clip of a song that was playing during a break in the game.  I didn’t know what the song was but it sounded pretty catchy and I wanted to be able to find out what it was a get it.

Not exactly high quality, especially the sound what with guys talking over top of it and everything.

I was messing around on the computer yesterday and went to my user page for youtube and noticed that there were three comments so I checked them out.  One was a comment on this video, added a year ago!  How this had gone unnoticed by me for this long I don’t know, but it had and it contained the answer to my question “A song at almost every Canadiens game.. what is it??”

Finally, I know and while I don’t understand any of it besides a few words here and there, it IS catchy.

It’s Les Cowboys Fringants - Ti Cul!

My day has been made.

Thank you internet for eventually knowing everything!

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