Thursday, June 2, 2011

Getting Jobs

As I have posted on facebook and others have commented asking about how I have been able to get so many jobs in such a short period of time, I thought I would comment on that here.
In this latest round of job hunting it is very true that I have been able to get employment fairly easily, finding computer work was not nearly as simple. I sent out loads of resumes prior to working at CIP and then many more when the spector of unemployment loomed. To be fair I did land only five interviews that I can remember (including CIP) and had four job offers. Maybe I just remember that period of job hunting time so bleakly because as I was hunting for jobs to leave CIP I knew that no computer place job would be as enjoyable in terms of who my work partner would be.

This time around it didn't take ten thousand resumes to get my three interviews, it took three, and the permanent job I have coming didn't even require an interview.

"So what?" I hear you saying, or "Shut up and stop rubbing my face in it!" But that is not my point clearly, the point is "how".

Confidence! If you carry yourself like you know what you are doing people pick up on that kind of thing. I went to these latest interviews assured that I knew all the text book learning I needed to succeed, and had enough experience in different settings to preform in almost any given situation.
Next interview you do, go in like the job is already yours and all you are having to do is show your interviewers what you already believe, that you are the best fit for the job no matter who else might follow you in the interview process.

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  1. The answer is not how, or confidence. It is in fact timing, and whether or not you are really hungry for it. That being hungry turns into a passion which then employers look at as confidence.

    Sometimes in life you have wake up moments, when you realize when you graduated in one field, may not be the field you want to end up with.

    My question to you is simple. And we see how your response is. By having someone in your life help you when they did, would you be in the same position? or would things be different?

  2. I think that timing can play a very large role, and the right input from the right person at the right time can make such a big impact on the path that one takes.

    I think in many instances over the last couple of years that I would be in a much different position without the input from a few key individuals. Where would I be? I have no idea, but I am certain it would NOT be in the same place as I am now.

  3. So who made the big impact for you to change, during the last couple years?

  4. Many people, that have many capacities in my life. The largest in the last couple years would be Alf, Pete, Amber and Mary Lou. Smaller more incremental influences would come form my girls at school and my friends who often acted as checks to my thinking along the way.