Monday, June 13, 2011

The Hardest Thing at Daycare

I have discovered the hardest thing for me to do at daycare. Many things have proved to be difficult like managing some of the behaviors or getting children to understand why it's not nice to punch eachother in the the face.

Some of the things at daycare are gross, like changing diapers or cleaning up really messy lunches and half chewed food. Other things are frustrating like being asked to do certain tasks but then not being given the tools to do them.

But, the hardest thing is staying awake when trying to get children to sleep at nap time! If you've ever had a hard time getting to sleep I swear this is the cure. Being in a room full of mostly sleeping children, methodically rubbing the backs of those that are having a bit of a hard time, listening to the quiet snores and the sleep time music, is like getting shot with a tranquilizer. I could nap everyday if I was allowed.

All those other things, diapers, behavior, communication methods, I can get accustomed to or take classes to learn more about, but staying awake when everything in the room, including myself, is willing children to go to sleep, that will always be the hardest thing.

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