Friday, June 24, 2011


What an amazing day I had at Canada's Wonderland yesterday with Alf!

At the start of the week it looked like we might be rained as accuweather was calling for thunderstorms for the whole day.  Even the day before it did not look promising.  Finally though Thursday morning the forecast changed to just be some rain around midday, so off we went.

Before lunch we had already done five rides, Flight Deck (Top Gun), Time Warp (Tomb Raider), Psyclone, Sledgehammer and Behemoth. Amazing, Alf particularly enjoyed Behemoth and upon completion vowed we would do it again.  We went and paid about $20 each for lunch, burger, fries and a drink!  After lunch we got on Wind Seeker, The Mighty Canadian Minebuster, and Skyrider and were headed for Vortex when the sky opened up and it poured!

We waited quite a while as the storm passed and were told the rides would need 15 minutes of no lightening before they would start back up.  We searched for the Action Theater as it would be open since it was indoors, but could not find it, so we got funnel cake then headed to do Behemoth again, figuring that if it rained again we'd have fourteen to ride it twice.

From there we did The Fly, Vortex, Drop Zone and then Dragon Fire twice in a row.  By then we'd done all the big rides and decided to do a couple favourites again.  We did Top Gun twice in a row then went over to Behemoth.  To end the day we rode Behemoth three times with the middle run at the very front, it was awesomme.

Our longest wait time the whole day was probably about twenty minutes, thanks to the day in the middle of the week and because of the weather.

Such an amazing day at Canada's Wonderland!

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