Friday, June 3, 2011

Sink or Swim

I recently had the experience in childcare that I was not quite looking forward to and that is being on my own with a group of children to do all the major tasks of the day.  I say I was not looking forward to it not because I don’t want to be with children but because as a supply I’ve gathered up so many bits and pieces of different routines and vaguely learned the names of half rooms of children that it is hard to feel prepared when there is no one to answer questions near by.

The day turned out just fine and besides having to scramble to look for a few items to clean with and whatnot everything went as smoothly as could be expected I think both from my own perspective and from the other people in the work place (both children and educators).

This idea that I had to just get it done is something I have undergone at a few jobs and I think it really shows you who you are and what you can do under pressure.  I recall when I was working at CIP in the early days I would often make some sort of statement about what I thought I should do with a particular problem and then go “right?” making it into a question to get reassurance.  It’s comforting to have someone say “Yeah, that’s it.” when you are new at a workplace, or trying to develop a new skill.

I think it’s fair to say that I swam the other day, at times it was a doggie paddle and at other times it was my usual flailing of arms and legs that passes for me swimming, everyone has something to learn all the time, and when I was learning at least I still felt I was moving forward even if it was slow.

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