Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Boogers and Snot

Children are hilarious.  And awesome.  I was trying to get one little lady to go to sleep the other day when she informed me that ‘this is where the boogers are from’ while she pointed to one nostril and that ‘this is where the snot is.’ as she pointed to the other.  If I had not been trying to get her to sleep, I would have burst out laughing, though she was so serious about her assertion of what comes from where I don’t think I should have laughed anyways.

I’ve had to wipe a few noses at daycare and in the toddler program at Fleming and I find it quite easy, especially compared to some of the other duties that come along with looking after children.  Some folks are grossed out with snot.  It can be a bit off putting when you are pulling it off of someone else’s face I admit, but I think it’s one of those things that you can be gross and not really offend anyone.

Any of the girls I went to school with will tell you that I was forever putting things up my nose and making them laugh.  It’s funny to have a pen sticking out and pretending it’s not actually there, or staring at someone dead serious while slowly putting the pen up there then leaving it hanging.

Fingers up noses is also something that generates some great reactions at karate and Pete and I have great fun amusing the boys and grossing out the girls from time to time.

I think what i find most amusing it that people are so embarrassed by digging out a booger nugget.  I think if you took an honest anonymous poll probably like 99% of people have picked their nose, probably at a stop light while they think no one is looking, but if you tried to get people to admit it, you’d end up with only children and guys like me that think it’s funny that would actually say yes, or dig something out to show you!

Sometimes you just don’t have a Kleenex.

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