Friday, April 20, 2012

Top Speed

I think I have found my top speed after work.

At least on the treadmill.  I have run 5K on the treadmill a few times after work now and even though I thought I had a pace on Tuesday that would put my under 21 minutes I guess my math was off and I ended up at 21:08 for a finishing time.

It is by no means a bad time really, but I was hoping to break the 21 minute mark.  I think it is just a result of working first for nine hours and then going to the gym after that.

If I am to get to a better result it will be in the morning.  I know I can get this 5K to be under 21 minutes, of that there is no doubt.  I will be happier of it when it happens on the road and not on the treadmill as well.  I have been thinking about this determination I have to get this time down to twenty minutes and about the ‘rules’ of such and achievement.  Basically I want it to be on a ‘natural course’.  Just about as flat as can be, I down want it on a downhill where gravity can assist me.

For now though a best 5K speed of 14.2Km/h is plenty fast enough.

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