Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Shoes

A few weeks ago now I saw Jenna out running and exclaimed how awesome her shoes were.  They we all bright colours and cool.  Well through work everyone gets a well-being allowance for the year and I decided that I would spend mine on some new running shoes especially since mine are almost a year old now and I’ve got runs through the mud to do.

I went to Sportchek today since they have a buy one get one 1/2 price thing on now, but any shoes they had on that deal were outrageously expensive or they only had select sizes left (like 13 and 15) for stability shoes (which is what I need).  The sales guy was pretty eager to sell me one certain pair of shoes and that was about it.  I tired them on and I was not too keen on them and so I told the guy no thanks and set off to the running room where I had gotten my first pair of shoes.

I got there and instead of just asking what kind of shoes I needed the lady asked what I was using them for.  I opted to not be a smart mouth and told the clerk that I run mostly on roads, but I’m doing some trail running and doing a few races through the mud and whatnot.

She took note of that and showed me two different pairs of shoes that would fill those needs.  one for the hard surface running I was doing and another for running on the looser trail surfaces.  I opted in the end to get both since the trail running shoes were less than 1/2 price.


These are the trail runners, I like the back and red


A comparison of the treads.  Clearly the trail shoes have more of a spiky bottom to give grip on the softer surfaces.


These are the new runners! It looks like awesome threw up all over them!

Now I had already run in the morning as you can see here. But I was excited to have these fancy new runners and so this afternoon I pulled them on and went for another run!  Not usually my thing to do two runs on the same day, but it was not out on the roads and neither of them were one of my planned routes.  I took my phone and use the GPS to track me as I did the run.  It kind of links back to the whole enjoyable running thing I was talking about earlier.

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  1. If that's turquoise and lime green barf on shoes, then I want some too!

    :-) Marion