Thursday, May 3, 2012

Racing Saturday

Late Sunday night I was looking at the running room's list of races and noticed there was one in Lakefield this coming weekend.  While I didn't think that a regular road race was as exciting as the adventure race I did last year I did enjoy it and since it was cheap I signed up.

The course is along the river road so it will be a just mildly sloping route and I hope to be able to use the race situation to get a new best time for a 5k distance.  This time, unlike the race a few weeks ago I have not run the course at all.  That means that I will not be able to strategize myself out of a medal, waiting for a certain point to go fast.

I'm aiming for a best 5k time period. Which means push to the limits of what I can do, I will not make the mistake of the last race.  When I get to that last dash for the finish line, it will be with the last drops of energy I have that I cross the line.

I do not want to write another 'I'm satisfied, but...' style of blog post. If I give all I have for the whole race and do not just try to push my way into a medal spot at the end, I'll have no choice but to be happy with the event.

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