Monday, May 21, 2012


So it seems that the last food thing I posted was one of Amber’s meals even if it similar to what I commonly eat.  This one is all me, but it is something that Amber does enjoy too.


Lamb, beans and parsnip puree.

So good let me tell you.  This is something we commonly have for dinner.  Normally I would only have one piece of lamb but they were a bit small and I had done lots of running and biking yesterday.

In the parsnip puree there is a bit of margarine and feta cheese (we did not have any cream cheese) and some pepper and salt.  The puree idea came from Hell’s Kitchen, they seem to have that on there a lot so we tried it one night and it was great.

On this particular plate is about 900 calories.  600 from the lamb, 200 (I am guessing a bit here) from the parsnip and feta and all that) and a very generous 100 for the beans.  I do tend to over estimate on calories a bit, but on a day when I ran 5k and biked 23K that number of calories for dinner is appropriate.

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