Monday, May 21, 2012

It’s So Hot

Apparently just looking at my weather widget just now it is only 24C, but it really seems hotter.  I ran the Jackson Park trail today which turns out to be 10.9K from my house to the end and back.  I could feel the sun beating down on me and by the end I could feel that I was just plodding along with more bounce to each step then length. 

I got home and stripped off my shirt on the porch because I was so hot, not something I do typically.  I thought I was only running about 10K so it was pretty satisfying to know I had added almost an extra kilometre, even if I did not mean to.

I complained a bit when I was doing the winter running.  Now that I have been running a couple of times in the summer heat again I think I prefer the coldness of winter to the blazing heat of the summer.  At least in the winter I’m only cold at the start, here in the summer I was hot from about the ten minute mark on.

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