Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So I have run 200 Km all told now since January.  I actually completed this on Sunday but thought that I wanted to write the food thing.  All of last year I do not think that I went that far.  I was not quite as rigorous about keeping track last year.  So I might have been there I am not sure, but this year I have been pretty diligent in keeping track.  Last year I was not sure that this whole running thing was something I wanted to do as an ongoing thing.

Over on the running room site I have said I want to complete 500 kilometres this year running and another 700 on my bike. I think this is pretty doable.  I did not do much running in the early months of the year and now it seems that I am running about 20 Km each week.  Biking will not be that hard as a few trips to Lakefield will easily add up quickly since that ride is 32 Km all on its own.

I think that having an overall goal like that along with the short term instant gratification goals of the races will help keep me trucking along this summer through the heat and everything. 

That over all goal had me out running last night actually, on a day where I fell asleep for about ten minutes on my lunch break even.  It was an example of one of those times when I really could have just stayed home, maybe even had a nap when I got home but chose not to.  And that is an important thing when you take up a desire to be fit or be dedicated to something.  On the days where you really do not feel like doing anything, you do that thing!  Some of the best karate classes I have been to are when I just wanted to stay home and lay down.  Some of the most satisfying times at the gym have been when I am a bit sick but go anyways.  It is a matter of ‘how badly do you want it?’  If you want something bad enough, don’t let minor little things like being tired or the sniffles stand in your way.

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