Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Avengers

It should be no surprise to anyone that has been following along here for a while that I have seen The Avengers (twice).  I even convinced my wife to go and she thought it was good.  And since I saw it I knew that it would end up here on the blog, but what form would the post take.  I’m not really into writing movie reviews, you all can form your own opinion about things like this suffice to say that you should go see it.  I have never read a single Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America or Avengers comic yet I have seen all of those movies (except The Incredible Hulk).  Marvel did a fantastic job of giving these films a common world right from the start in Iron Man and it really made it all come together brilliantly.

Worlds Finest

This is the comic title the features Batman and Superman working together as a team.  I have several of the graphic novels that carry this title and usually they are great.  Putting the Big Blue Boy Scout and The Dark Knight together is something that always intrigues me because as characters they are so far apart.  The first ‘team up’ movie I ever owned carried the same title and I still think it’s great because up until the third act the two of them so not get along, and it’s always fun to see heroes fight (another great part about the Avengers!).


Justice League of America

If DC comics was to put out a movie akin to The Avengers, this is what the title would be most likely.  The problem for them is that so far they have laid absolutely none of the ground work to making that film happen to this point.  Yes Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were amazing movies and really captured the whole Batman feeling but they are in their own little universe over here.  There is no mention or hint to the greater DC universe at all and with The Dark Knight Rises set 8 years after and it being the closing chapter of a trilogy I doubt that is about to change.  There has also been a Green Lantern movie, which I thought was pretty good, but again there is no mention of anything else DC Universe wise.  They even say that Abin Sur is the first alien life form earth has encountered which would mean no one has heard of Superman yet in that movie, which with a new Superman movie coming out next year is not all that of a horrible of a thing.  I think this type of movie could be great and The Avengers has proven it has.  But clearly DC has to start getting some single character but linked on a greater scale movies put out.

I like Iron Man and Thor and The Hulk and all that but I’d much rather see Superman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman do their thing all together on the big screen.

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