Saturday, March 23, 2013

Caribbean day 5 & 6

I know this is taking a bit of a while, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you all with pictures and videos, and I have been busy in the mornings before work trying to catch up on sleep.  On day five we were in Puerto Rico.  We didn’t have an excursion planned and so when we got of the ship we just talked to a local guy that got us on a tour bus that went up into the rain forest.  It was very cool to go and see and be in.  It was not their wet season though to wildlife was a bit scarce even when our guide Josh was looking for little quarter sized tree frogs called Cokee (co-key).  La Coca Falls was a bit of a trickle as well too, but it was cool to see.

That night was Hasbro The Game Show for the second time on the trip and I managed to win myself up on stage by answering a trivia question.  ‘In the Peanuts comic strip who does Marcie refer to as “Sir”?’

We played giant operation, which was really skee-ball.  you rolled the balls up into the injuries and scored points.  The team of four with the highest points wins.  We won by nearly double the score, and so each of us four got to draw a Monopoly ABM card.  So us four and four winners from the game before us (a giant curing version of Sorry) put out cards in the machine, and mine ended up being the highest value!  the prize was not a ship on a stick, but a bunch of mini Hasbro games, and card games, and $150 for  (Un)fortunately they don’t ship to Canada, so we just got $150 back as credit on the ship!  Sweet!

There was also a magician for the last few days and I was sure to get involved with him.  I have a bit of video from one of his shows, and later we went to his seminar, pretty awesome!

The next day we were supposed to go to Grand Turk, but due to a Gastro-intestinal virus outbreak at the port, two ships has loads of people sick earlier in the week, the Captain cancelled the stop.  So our power snorkel excursion was cancelled as well.  And on the ship we just did trivias and stuff.  One exciting thing was that someone got hurt and the U.S. Coast Guard had to fly out in helicopter, and pluck them off the ship to fly to get medical care!  There is a little video of that which was pretty neat to see.  It’s hard to see the guy going back up into the copter, but if you look close you can see it.


2013-03-14 07.48.53

A Pirate ship in the port at Puerto Rico

2013-03-14 09.08.45

La Coca Falls

2013-03-14 09.14.18

Looking down

2013-03-14 09.16.47


2013-03-14 09.19.43[5]

The guide told us to be careful and not jump around

2013-03-14 09.19.43[6]

I couldn’t help it

2013-03-14 09.20.41


2013-03-14 09.34.43

Some Bamboo can grow 4’ in a day!!

2013-03-14 09.42.27

The Big Bath, this was the first thing workers built when they we sent in to build the roads up the mountain.

2013-03-14 09.55.03

Our Guide Josh

2013-03-14 10.11.48

The Lazy Indian (sent your hate mail to Puerto Rico, not me, that is just what it is called)

2013-03-14 10.16.52

The view from the top of the lookout tower

2013-03-14 10.21.03


2013-03-14 10.22.29

Inside the tower

2013-03-14 10.24.46


2013-03-14 11.05.58

Almost everyone had a nap on the way back!

2013-03-14 12.19.29

Mofongo!  Soooooooo Good!

2013-03-14 19.04.28

Towel Turtle!

2013-03-14 19.45.52

Hasbro the Game Show

2013-03-14 19.56.44

I played Operation

2013-03-14 20.02.08

We had one minute to score as much as possible

2013-03-14 20.02.16


2013-03-14 20.02.38


2013-03-14 20.05.52


2013-03-14 20.12.02


2013-03-14 20.12.59

I went second last and had a huge score

2013-03-14 20.13.38


2013-03-14 20.15.06

Amber the Cruise Director and Me

2013-03-14 21.41.08

The Piano Bar guy, he was from Stratford, Ontario and taught us The Beer Song

2013-03-15 10.19.51

Amber with her Scattergories trophy

2013-03-15 12.45.24

Guy Fieri’s burger joint on the ship, it looked REALLY greasy, we did not get food from there

2013-03-15 17.47.38

U.S. Coast Guard taking a sick person off the ship!

2013-03-15 17.47.45


2013-03-15 18.28.18

At elegant night dinner

2013-03-15 20.19.25

Me and Oksana, the best server ever!

2013-03-16 00.10.58

Towel frog

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  1. Do is what I use to buy my beer
    Re the guy who buys me beer (thanks Ray)
    Mi is who I buy beer for
    Fa is where I go for beer
    So I think I'll have a beer
    La la la la la la beer
    Ti no thanks I'll have a beer
    and that bring us back to beer, beer, beer, beer, beer

    Surprisingly neither one of us drinks beer and Chris does not drink at all, yet we still found this amusing.