Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Week Before Leaving

What a week it was.  A nightmare.  I have never been so stressed at my job as I had been this past week.  Partly due to the anxiousness of going away, partly due to having to get certain things done, partly because I was tired of being told by people that I am wrong about things (when I knew for some of those things I was right).  But the work week is over and my vacation has begun!

I was actually at the gym this week quite a bit, but I totally fell down on the push ups.  A measly 500.  My projection is still over 95000 for the year, and as much as the goal is only stated here to be 50,000…  I want more!  Push ups on the cruise will be done!

Today was my hockey teams annual game at the Memorial Centre, the main arena here in Peterborough.  We clobbered Calvery 9-4 and I had 3 assists.  I had a chance on the breakaway, but got thinking too much about what I wanted to do instead of just doing like I do in warm ups.  Oh well.

Tonight Amber and I leave for Toronto to stay over night before heading down to the Caribbean for a week!  I’m really excited about the whole thing.  It will be so nice to just be able to relax and be taken care of for a whole week!

If you don’t here from me by March 19th though, wait another week, then send the search party.  I’m sure I can last a week on a deserted island, and it would be nice for the extra free time off.

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