Friday, November 22, 2013

I Hate My Guts

Literally (at the moment) not figuratively.

This week has been pretty much a write off as far as exercise goes.  I have only run once and not been to the gym. Why? I’ve been counting the tiles on the wall in the bathroom if you know what I mean. 256 if you must know.

I did get out and run yesterday, just a 5k, that was mostly due to the fact that it gets dark at about 4:30 here now though.  I had a decent time even, 23:01, so I was actually quite happy with that. 

I miss the gym already and it’s only been a week, I was too sick to go there Tuesday.  Thankfully I will be there on Saturday, my client is going to get his second cardio day, Iron Man I think, I intend to do it along side with him plus maybe a couple things I missed out on during the week.  I really don’t like the feeling of not doing much gym-wise in a week.  It makes me feel soft and weak.  Being sick doesn’t really help with that though.

I did discover though that I will end up running farther this year than I did last year even with the few weeks off I had to take due to the injury to my Achilles and wanting to ride further on the bike since my dad lent me his old touring bike.  I’m pretty happy about that.  I’m excited to see what I can do next year since I won’t be running a half marathon and injuring myself!

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