Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Riding My Bike

It was finally warm enough to go out riding my bike this past long weekend, before plunging back down to single digits again this week.  I was so happy to get out and ride around.  I was able to cover so many kilometers, but more than that I was able to go further and see some new things this spring compared to the same ol’ stretch of road.  The township has yet to sweep the sidewalk here in Bridgenorth and running on it would be like running on the beach at the moment.

I have learned that I was a bit spoiled last year riding my dad’s touring bike.  Switching back to a mountain bike is a bit hard since there is more drag and the gears aren’t as high.  But I figure that once the weather is nice for good this year dad will lend it to me again and the time spent on the mountain bike will have me flying right from the start if/when I get to ride that bike again.

I have only been out on two rides and so far have only covered about 29 kms on my bike but I’m hoping that I can catch up a bit more on that over the next few weeks.

Things You Should Be Listening To

I’ve recently got into listening to podcasts in a big way and two shows that I think a lot of people would enjoy – if you can stomach excessive amounts of cursing are Hollywood Babble-on and Edumacation.  Both can be found on the iTunes store or on

Hollywood Babble-on is sort of the Hollywood news as read by Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman, it’s very funny and they make lots of jokes.

Edumacation is hosted by Kevin Smith and Andy McCalfrish (spelling?) and it’s kind of a science news and whatnot type of show, really fun.  I’d suggest them for riding and not running as you’d be laughing too hard to run most of the time.

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