Monday, April 7, 2014

Shorts and a T-shirt

Finally yesterday I ran in my usual running clothes.  Actually I ran twice!  I set out first in the early morning – well early for most folks on a Sunday – at about 8. I decided I was going to go a bit further and so when I ran down to Holden Rd. instead of turning back around I just turned up Holden and then continued to make my loop around.  6.85k on the early run in sweats and a hoodie.

After going to see Captain America with Pete and his lads it was still amazingly beautiful outside and so I decided that I should run again.  it was about 15°C in the sun and so I just got on my shorts and a underarmour shirt.  It was a little chilly on the hands as the start but it was awesome overall.

So great to run in just like my summer get up you know?  It felt great too, I actually felt fast.  I haven’t felt like I was going too fast the last while running outside.  I think part of that is the routes I have taken and the other part is that I am wearing big baggier clothes and yet another part is that I am just running on the back road, not really passing things that are close to the road.  If I run on the main street i pass houses and driveways and have to go by cars waiting to turn and all, but just trees back from the road a bit on this route.

I’m quite pleased that I’ve been outside running five days in the past two weeks (and once on the treadmill) let’s hope this actual spring weather continues!

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