Thursday, August 7, 2014

Git On Yer Bike

As stated earlier, I wanted to go at least 140 kilometres this week.  It looks like I’m well on track for that since it’s only Thursday morning and I have travelled 102 and change.

Most of that distance has been on my bike as I have made a point to get out and do some sort of riding every day except Tuesday so far, and on Tuesday I ran twice.  I skipped Tuesday on the bike because it was a bit drizzley when I went out in the late afternoon.  For some reason I’d rather get wet running than I would riding.  I think because it helps keep me a bit cooler when I run, and so it makes it a bit more enjoyable as compared to being really hot.

Twice now this week I have ridden from my house, in to Peterborough and then out to Lakefield and then back home, 35k in all.  it’s a pretty nice ride too except when the wind is coming up the river and pushing me back.  I hate riding into the wind, it just seems like you have to work so much harder, especially on a mountain bike where you are sitting more upright.

What are your favourite conditions for a bike or a run or a jog or whatever it is you do outside?  Let me know in the comments!

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