Monday, August 11, 2014

Now That’s What I Call A Week Off

I mentioned that I had last week off work and that I wanted to go at least 140 kilometres during that time.  I’m happy to say that it was a huge success and in between some visits with our first foster-to-adopt child I was running and biking around the countryside like crazy.

I actually did a little more biking than I expected and a little less running than I wanted but all in all the goal was achieved.  Twice during the week I rode my bike from here to Peterborough up to Lakefield and back.


It’s a good ride and is about 34.5K which is a good amount of time to spend too, about an hour and a half.  My dad can ride for hours on his bike and but the time I’m out for about 80-90 minutes I’m done.  Not because my legs are sore or anything, just because my bum is sore and I’m a bit bored with what is going on.  Maybe if I had bike shorts that would be better.

On Friday I was out riding and came across two people on their road bikes, (I have my mountain bike this year) and I thought ‘Hey, I’m passing these folks!’ and so most of my ride I was up over 28-30Km/h (17-18 mph).  I caught up and passed them and stayed ahead! The next day I did the same route but only managed about 22-24 Km/h (13-14 mph) it just goes to show how a little competition can drive you.

I only ran three times this week, but I ran 10k twice and 6k once and due to weather, the first 10 and 6 were on the same day, just one at about 6am and the other at about 6pm!  They were good enjoyable runs really, but they were not record setters for speed that’s for sure.  My legs were a bit tired by mid week!

Come Saturday morning I had gone 143.84km all told, completing my goal with a day to spare.  I would have gone out again Sunday, but our little on woke up at 4:30!  Amber got up with her, but when I got out of bed she was still awake so I didn’t think it would have been fair of me to head out running or biking or whatever, plus I figured I had earned a day off!

So all that, some drawing and a lot of playing on the floor was how I spent my week off work.  Now I have three days to go until I’m off for 35 weeks!

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