Monday, August 4, 2014

Going The Distance

All too soon the weather will turn ugly here in Canada and so over the last few weeks I have been working hard to go as far as I can each week in order to be able to meet the distance goals I set for the year.

Last week was great for that! The first two days I was able to switch around my lunch to the end of the day and leave a few hours early because I was cooking and we had low numbers at day care.  Tuesday i rode my bike 53k even.  From my house in Bridgenorth, down through Ennismore, through Gannon’s Narrows, to Buckhorn and then back past the road to Curve Lake, through Selwyn and back home.  It was a 2.5 hour trip and it was great!

It’s been nice and cool this past week too so I was able to run in the afternoons and this week I actually ran just a smidge over 30k.  Five of those were actually my fastest run through town in the last two years as well.  Sprinting like mad I covered the distance in 21:50.  Not my fastest 5k time ever to be sure, but doing that the morning after walking around the zoo with kids for 9 hours, not too bad.

So why all the importance on distance?  Simple, the spring this year in Ontario was atrocious and there were a few weeks were I only travelled 10 or 15 kilometres! That really set me on my heals as far as distance goals goes.  I figured since the start of July I wanted to average at least 80K a week, which is about double the average I would want to meet my over all distance goal of 2500K for the year.  How has that been going? Well in the five weeks of July (which includes up until yesterday) I went over 500k!  Take a look!


The red is running, the blue is biking, the orange at the end it the weeks totals

I have this week off work and my hope is to average about 20k a day, so about 140k for the week, we’ll see how that works out.

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