Saturday, November 26, 2011

Animated Movies

My wife has this thing about animated movies where she hates them unless they are made by Disney.  Specifically I mean actual cartoon movies.  Things like How to Train Your Dragon and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs she has no issue with.  But When I bring up the possibility of watching Batman: Under the Red Hood, that is apparently not an option, or she will agree and then promptly fall asleep.

To be fair nearly all of my animated movies are superhero movies (mostly Batman) and she’s not that big of a fan.  But consistently the stories in these movies are far better than the story in live action films.  At least to me that is how it is since there is no time wasted on needing to have a love interest for Batman, and the action sequences can be as big as big since the only cost to the making of the movies is drawing pictures and being creative.  I know they can really do anything they want now in a live action movie with CGI but usually they drop the ball on a lot of those things.  And I know that usually they do not kill anyone in an animated movie, but in the more recent DC movies it happens as they go for a more mature audience.  Really the lines of what you do in one medium and not the other are blurring because of the demographic the producers are trying to go after.

I love animated superhero movies.  To me they are almost always presenting the best version of that character simply because the guys who write the stories for comic books are directly feeding the scripts for the movies.  Those same folks are doing the designs for the characters in the movies as well.  Yes I really like the outfit for Batman in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but in every comic I have read Batman wears a grey suit and black everything else and you can not see his eyes and his voice isn’t ridiculous.

In my opinion Batman should look  and sound like this:



And, Although it does look alright, not like this:

Batman sounds like he’s trying to sound that way as opposed to natural… the Joker however is awesome!

Just as I think Superman should look like this:


And not this:


I mean yeah they show him lifting a big thing there, but Superman should be big, a stiff breeze could knock this guy over.

Anyways I’ve lost my point because I have come back to writing this a few times this morning, but animated superhero movies are almost always better than their live action counterparts.  It is a lot more epic to see things real-life-ish, but everything just seems to go together better in an animated film.

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