Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Contest

I’m not really sure what to offer up as a prize, that is mainly what has been holding me back from having this little contest, especially when I consider the wide range of people I know of at least that read my blog. 

Oh and it just struck me now that I was very excited to hear that Amber got invited to do a guest post on another blog and I thought that was quite exciting last night.  So the prize is a guest post on my blog! Yeah that’s cool, whatever you want to write about as long as you include an introduction about yourself.  There that is the prize.  And something cool that I have not thought of yet.  This of course means that anyone is eligible to win.

‘So what is the contest then?’ you are asking.  Well as I’m sure you have guessed I’ve been playing a lot of Batman and going head to head against the Riddler and so I’m going to pose a few Riddles to you.  You are going to come up with the answers and email them to me so as to not give them away to other folks.  I’ll also include a few questions about facts I have left about myself through the posts on the site.  I’ll leave the contest open for a week.  If there is more than one person that gets all the answers correct then I’ll come up with some sort of tie breaker.

So let the contest begin!!

Riddles – Be honest, don’t use google!

Riddle 1
“If you know me, you’ll want to share me but if you share me, I’ll be gone. What am I?”

Riddle 2
The more there is, the less you see. What could I be?

Riddle 3
“I have a head , a tail, but never any legs. Do you know what I am?”

Riddle 4
”I’ll be right under your feet in the midday sun, you cannot lose me no matter how fast you run, what am I?”

Riddle 5
”Hit me hard and I will crack but you’ll never stop me from staring back.  What am I?”

Facts to find or deduce

  1. This year, 2011, I’ll turn ___ on my birthday.
  2. I have a _____ belt rank in __(this martial art)__.
  3. The first stop I had on my cruise last January that was outside the US was?
  4. I lost a bunch of weight in 2010, how much was it? (I did a bit of a recap near the year anniversary date of the beginning of the process).
  • Your guest blog post topic might be? (just so I can have an idea).

Email me at include answers for all the riddles and questions and a possibility for your guest blog topic.

Contest Closes November 18, 2011 – 11:59:59PM

Thanks in advance for entering, I really look forward to announcing the winner!

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