Sunday, November 27, 2011

Snakebit and Hard Work

At hockey this year I cannot find the back of the net.  It is starting to boggle my mind how much I can’t score this year, I feel like Scott Gomez except I don’t get paid $8 million per year.  Now we are winning and I am putting up points so I’m not complaining that much, but it sure would be nice to score.

This year in 9 games I have scored only 2 goals.  One was our teams first goal of the season a nice shot from the right circle.  The other goal came 5 games later and it was a garbage goal, I was cruising toward the net, a rebound came and I just whacked it in as I twisted and fell because I had to contort so awkwardly to hit the puck.

So after 9 games this year I have 2 Goals, 13 Assists and 23 shots on net.  Not bad, thankfully I can still pass it seems and the guys on my line are filling the net (Mark had a hat trick last night and Jeff had two goals as well)!  This 9 games also includes one game where I played goalie, so it’s really only the stats of 8 games I guess.

Last year after 9 games I had 7 goals, 10 assists and 27 shots on net.  Not much difference shots wise, and only 2 points difference, but I had a hat trick myself by then.  Honestly I thought that I would have more goals/points this year as I am not wearing myself out at the gym each Saturday after karate, maybe I should be!Come to think of it, the game last year where I scored the hat trick was after my black belt grading, a gruellingly physical day ( I even added 2 assists that night).

Last night was also the hardest time I’ve had getting air and having my legs work as I would like in a long time, I think it is due to the fact that I am picking up my wife’s cold a bit.  However, in my overreactionary sort of way it mean that cardio will be bumped up.  I think that I’m going to be hitting the gym on Saturdays again too, I mean it didn’t hurt my game last year, I’ll be done there by 12:30 or so and that gives me at least eight hours to recover.

Unfortunately I am not the type of hockey player that is naturally gifted, I have to work hard for what I get on the ice, and I’ve been shown (by myself really) that if I want results in one area there is usually work you can do to back it up in another area.  Hard work at the gym did me a lot of good for hockey last year.  I was hoping that I had done enough that I could afford myself a day off from the gym this year and count hockey as my exercise.  It appears that that is not the case if I want results, and if you know me, I want results!

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