Monday, October 21, 2013

How To Spend The Evening When Your Wife Is At Camp

Amber is off at Camp Kawartha with her school and so here I am at home by myself and I thought what type of shenanigans can I get up to?

upon my arrival home from work I switched into my running gear and and took off down the Bridgenorth Trail.  I had another really good time for the run.  7k in 33:31 on the trail, not too shabby.

I got home and cleaned up.  I warmed up leftovers from last nights dinner, Chicken Alfredo, and watch Batman/Superman Public Enemies.

And then I decided it would be a great idea to play The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for a few hours.  This game is as great today as it was ten years ago on Gamecube, except better! 

Canada`s Worst Driver will cap off the night.  Does it get better?  Maybe if Amber was around, but this is pretty sweet.  Tomorrow i think the only change will be strength training in the garage instead of running. Woo!

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