Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Dark Knight Returns

I'm returning to the gym, and I'm pumped for it.

You see over the summer, well since late march I think actually I have been working out in my garage at home and the roads nearby.  Winter is coming on and it's getting awfully chilly outside here in Ontario and so biking has been off the table for about a month at least now. This plan did work great for about eight months, well, more like seven and a half months.  Working out in the garage was an amazing time saver when it came to driving back and fourth from town.  I had pretty much all the equipment I needed out there to do nearly every exercise I was doing at the gym.

The problem I was about to be faced with though was running on the unplowed sidewalks of Bridgenorth, no biking and working out in an un-insulated garage during the coldest months of the year.

This whole situation has been remedied by a great turn of happenstance.  Our new furnace is paid off finally this month, and so that frees up over $700 a month and a pal of my brother-in-law has looked to me to be a trainer due to our common starting point in a fitness journey.  It's really more that second bit that has catapulted my wife into the area of understanding that a gym membership for the four coldest months of the year is not an unreasonable thing to desire.  So instead of paying a fee once a week or whatever to get into the gym to do the training, why not pay a lower monthly fee and then use that same money to pay for the gym membership!

I'm very excited about the whole situation.  I miss the BOSUs and the back extension thingy and the stretching station most of all.  Working out at home is super convenient and I'll be happy to return to it in March of 2014, but there is something about actually being at the gym that will keep me pumped to be going!

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