Sunday, December 8, 2013


If you haven’t seen Man Of Steel, you should.  Superman punches a lot of things and it’s amazing!  Also Henry Cavill is super buff and there was absolutely zero padding or CG on his actual Superman suit (though the cape is CG most of the time actually, which looks awesome too).

How did Cavill become Superman.  Work.  Unbelievably hard work!  I watched the extras on the Blu-ray and he worked with Mark Twight from Gym Jones and was working out about 2.5 hours a day six days a week.  As an example of how far he came during the process, during one of the interview segments Cavill States that he went from deadlifting 200 and some pounds at the start to nearly 500lbs!  It was awesome to see, him with 4 plates on each end of the bar, the bar itself bending as he lifted.  He filled out that costume well for a reason.

After seeing that feature it got me thinking about if I could be doing that type of thing at the gym.  I don’t have 2.5 hours every day to work out, but I do spend time at the gym often enough to do the same things just spread out a bit more.  So I searched around the internet and found the workouts along with interview bits.  I was a bit surprised to read some of the thing Cavill had to say at first.  Not because they were shocking, but because they mirrored the types of things I was saying when I lost those 80lbs and became more athletic.

For instance,


Mark has opened my eyes to seeing past what I thought was my limits. He understands what I’m going through physically. He understands me, what I go through physically. That’s what makes him such a good trainer.

The training has been a journey of discovery, just like Superman’s journey of discovery. Superman learned how to fly. I learned I could do all sorts of things in the gym, which I never thought was possible. It’s not just the physical things,but a psychological thing as well.

I hear or read that and I think, yeah!  I know what you mean!  It inspired me all over again to find out that a guy like that, who started off deadlifting more than I do now, started off already very strong and fit can go through the same type of self discovery I did getting shape.

I have found the details of the Superman workout and will be putting them to use, six days a week.  I might not have the 2.5 hour block of time in a day that Cavil had, but I have more time overall since I’m not on a movie making deadline.

I’m going to become my own Superman all over again.

Here’s a little snippet of the featurette, pretty cool stuff


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