Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Man Of Steel

I’ve completed one week in which I started the Man of Steel Workout.  I am not going at it with as much gusto as Henry Cavill did but only due to the fact that I do have a full time job apart from working out.

I was at the gym only three times this past week, partly due to commitments early in the week and partly due to the fact that I was puking my guts out Friday night and then asleep for about 80% of Saturday.

All that aside I would say that the workouts are amazing and going well.  It is the first time I have used a workout plan from someone other than Jodi and my body has been aching afterwards!  When I did the Upper body, Chest and Shoulders day I couldn’t even walk comfortably out of the gym.  I couldn’t walk normal out of the gym after ARMS day because my shoulders were so sore!  It was awesome!

The upper body, chest and shoulders day took about 1.5 hours, but was totally worth it.  I did legs day the following day and that took about an hour.  Given that the feature on Man Of Steel said his workouts were about 2.5 hours a day I have to think that either he did a pair of workouts each day, which is plausible or that these workouts lists online are only part of the whole thing, also plausible.

Leg day I found to be difficult but not that bad really and I wonder if it is because I already run and bike so much that my legs recover faster than my arms do.  that said two days later my lower body was killing me, this could have been from the workout of whatever illness ran through me from Friday night to this morning.

I’m very excited to be on this path again where I can feel that I am progressing toward something rather than maintaining or making small gains.  I know I’m not going to come out of this whole experience as pumped up as Cavill was/is but I certainly can already feel myself getting stronger!

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