Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Christmas Eating Contest Is Over

Right this moment I'm on my way home posting this from my phone as Amber drives.  We are returning from London, Ontario to our home.

In the last seven days I've had 3 Christmas turkey dinners and way too many snacks to even think about.  The only saving grace to all this is that I played hockey last Saturday and will again tonight and I was at the gym on Christmas eve working out and running.

I love getting together work my family and Amber's family, but the week long eating contest that is the Christmas holidays is a bit of a grind food wise and I'm actually glad that this segment of the holidays is over.

Starting tonight with hockey I plan to have 9 days in a row where I am at the gym,  working hard to undo all these calories I have consumed.  I do think that for the most part I did ok though really.  I only ever had one plate of food plus some extra turkey and veggies at each meal.  The killer I am sure are the desserts! So many desserts!

But in the big picture three or four days where I eat too many desserts is the reward for a year of working like a mad man to able to really enjoy that type of thing.  I never feel guilty about food,  I just get excited about the work I'll have to do to earn it again!

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