Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The End Of 2013

Gah I messed up this post when putting up my 2014 goals post!

With 2013 over I wanted to look back on my goals and see how I did.

I set out to:

Travel 2000 kilometres - I went 2228.6! 700+ by running and 1500+ on bike!

Do 50,000 push ups - I only managed slightly over 25,000, I admit I got bored with challenge and it dropped off for me about half way through the year.

Attempt a Try-a-Tri - I actually did a canoe, bike, run triathlon with my dad this year, So i blew away that goal.

Bench press 230 pounds - I did mark this as completed, but it was not with a full range of motion.  I can lift that much, but I'll have to set a newer more defined goal this year.

Complete a 1/2 marathon - This I did!  I didn't do it as part of someone else's event but as part of my own WCP race weekend.  I completed my half marathon distance in less than 2 hours even!

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