Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Morning Run

Over the last few weeks I have switched shifts a few times here at work.  I regularly have the early 7-4 shift and while that is awesome for pretty much everything else, it’s not so great for fitness type stuff.  Especially in the summer time.

Each of the mornings that I have switched shifts I have made a point of making use of the time and heading out for a run.  The air is much cooler and the sun is only peeking through the trees and so I makes for a very enjoyable bit of time to be out and getting some work in. 

A lot of days it’s an amazing benefit to be able to have that switch, like today.  By the time I go home today it’s going to be about 30ºC (about 86ºF) and it would be blazing hot in the sunshine.  So today it was awesome to get the run in early!

This is something I am going to attempt to be able to do for the rest of August and part of September.

When do you like to run?  In the coolness of a morning, or the blistering heat of the afternoon?

1 comment:

  1. If I could get up early enough the morning would be great generally it is later after 7 or 8 once Graham goes to sleep...