Monday, July 14, 2014

The Brighter They Are, The Faster They Go

I bought new runners on the weekend and when I showed them to Amber she commented that they were very colourful.  I said, ‘I Know, that’s how you know they are fast!’

new shoes copy

Yeah that’s right the colour makes you faster.  She was sceptical.  I knew it was a fact.

Today it was really cool in the morning and somehow I convinced myself that it was actually really cool even by the time I got home from work and so I put on my new shoes and ran up the trail and back, 7.3K.  My previous best time this year for this was 37:35, my time tonight was 36:11!  was it because I had the new super colourful shoes on or was it because I was trying to run really fast to make my statement true?  Who knows.  What I can say for sure is that the new shoes felt like I had almost nothing on my feet, so much lighter!

I’ve heard so many times that the shoes don’t make you better, and as long as you have suitable footwear for what you are doing I kind of agree with that.  However, today, this change made the difference!

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