Thursday, July 24, 2014

When No One Is Watching…

Yesterday I got home from work and went for a bike ride.  It was a bit windy, but I had just run the previous morning and so I wanted to change it up.  I always find it helpful to get out and do something after a stressful day at work.  It helps to clear my head, and to be able to go in to work the next day with a better outlook.  With that in mind, now that I work with children all day I go ride my bike or run or workout or whatever alone, where no one is asking me questions and I don’t have to teach anything.

Amber wasn’t home for the evening last night either so after an hour of bike riding I quickly made dinner and then went into town to pick up a book and as I was driving I felt like if I was quick I could do some more at home even.  Without Amber there I could basically do whatever I want, and not feel like I was losing time with her.  This is pretty much my fitness plan for when we have the kids here.  Get up early still, and while Amber is just moseying around getting ready and they are hopefully still asleep, I will go run/bike/workout that way I still get my time to be all fitnessy and I don’t have to do it at the expense of family time.  I might be way off with this plan, especially if the baby still has colic when she comes, but it is the plan heading into the whole adventure.

So I got home from town and thought, there is nothing on TV I want to watch right now, I have nothing on the PVR that I’m dying to watch, it’s beautiful outside.  I’m going to go run 9K.

So I did, I put on shorts and a shirt and out I went again to do about another 46 minutes of working out simply because I could.

When no one is watching – I do fitness.

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