Sunday, October 2, 2011

He Shoots, He Scores!

Game one of the season was awesome!  We played against Living Hope Church and their team last night was decidedly young!  Probably an average age of low 20’s while our team’s average age is about 30 something.  But I am getting ahead of myself. 

All day yesterday I was pumped to go play, I bought new hockey socks since mine had a couple of big holes in them and I got my skates sharpened and earlier in the week I bought some under armour gear to wear as opposed to wearing and old t-shirt and a second jersey under the team one to keep warm.  An under armour cold gear shirt is an amazing thing!  At about seven o’clock I was trying to convince myself to wait a little longer before I left for the game since we didn’t start playing till 9:30.  Luckily there was a pre-season Habs vs Lightening hockey game on and that filled my time.

Arriving at the rink all the familiar faces were there and we picked up right where we left off last year.  Jeff, Mark and I composed our usual line and we took the first shift of the game. 

Now I am fit, I can run and lift weights and do any crazy exercises that Jodi gives me.  So I was surprised that after the first shift I was a little bit winded.  But I suppose I have been training my body to pace itself for the last three months running 10K and not training to go full out for two minutes or so and then have a short rest and then do it again, over and over.  So while my recovery time was fantastic, I know where I need to put focus on in the gym for the next little while.

I’m proud to say that I scored the first goal of the season for our team, streaking down the right side with Mark across the ice the goalie wasn’t sure if I was going to shoot or pass and I threaded a shot right between his pads, five hole as they say.  Our line kept on rolling too, later in the game we had two goals in under twenty seconds as mark found Jeff open at the side of the net twice, nearly the exact same play resulting in goals.  Jeff also had a goal scored in a scramble at the goal mouth (that was called back because the ref lost sight – but since we went 12 minutes over our usual end time and Living Hope scored then, I’m counting Jeff’s goal). Mark also netted one on a little passing play. Jeff was carrying the puck up the right boards and chipped it to me, I slipped it back to him as he left the side and then Jeff passed it over to Mark who one timed it to the back of the net.

Five goals for our line in a 7-6 victory.  We could have had more I think too, I had two one timer shots go just wide as they were not quite in the sweet spot, but another couple games and I’ll be making those shots find twine. 

A goal and three assists is a great opening night, but the win is even better.  I love playing hockey!  Unfortunately there are no pictures since Amber has to work Saturday nights, boo.

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  1. Hi Chris! Great job on the goal! I bet it is so much fun to be in shape for this season's hockey.

    :-) Marion