Monday, February 20, 2012

Fearing The Fitness Of Others

So one of the girls at work was saying she would like to drop a pound or two, I offered to be a workout buddy, and she said something along the lines of ‘You’d kill me if we worked out together’.

This is not the first time I have got this reaction.  A few times during my stint in school I went to the gym with a couple of the girls, we would be on the elliptical together and at the end she expressed that she was quite intimidated working out beside me.

I don’t really understand why, I know that people work at their own levels and when I have worked out with others I try not to put them in situations that they won’t like.

I like to look around at the gym, sometimes it is just to find something interesting, particularly in instances when I am on the treadmill and tired of looking at the time and distance.  That is more to find something good to look at though.  When I’m doing weight lifting type things I like to look and see what other people are doing though, how much they are lifting, or what exercises they are doing.  Sometimes I will go and do whatever it was that person was doing just to see if I can do it or not.

I don’t think it is necessary to look at someone that is fit and assume they they would put you through the wringer if you worked out with them.  Chances are they started at the same point as you and worked their way into shape.  The only difference between me and an instructor that works at the gym is that they are paid to be friendly and I just am. 

Do not fear the fitness of others, be inspired by it!  I am, or at least I can look at people doing things and think ‘that is awesome’ or ‘if I wanted to work my way to doing that I could’ because sometimes my goals at the gym and that other guy’s goals are different.


  1. I like to go to the gym with Chris. We don't exactly work out together as we have different routines and fitness levels, but he is very helpful when I can't figure something out. Plus, he's hot to look at when I'm running on the treadmill.

    Trust me - there is nothing more motivating than running on the treadmill hating every moment until you look around and see someone (namely Chris) doing a burpee followed by a pull up and repeating this process at great speed. My mind thinks "glad it's you and not me" then "wow, I can't believe he can do that" then "that is insane, this treadmill is not as bad as I thought".

    Same goes when he or anyone else is on a machine near me going at top speed and I'm moving slightly faster than a turtle. I think "if they can do it I can do...better" so I up my speed and keep going. Sometimes I even try their speed just to see what it feels like so I can be even more impressed.

    Like Chris said "Don't fear the fitness of others, be inspired by it!" And, don't be fooled into thinking that people don't watch you too and think about how awesome you are doing.

  2. I agree 100%. Further, I think that people who are very fit and love it want to "spread the joy." We are people who love to be asked for help or support. So, instead of being scared, look at the opportunity. I've learned so many things from my gym buddies.

    :-) Marion