Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Races For 2012

I’ve signed up for three races now, I must be insane.  Last year at this time I never, ever would have guessed that I would be a competitive runner.  Placing in the top 10 at the mudrun last year I think qualifies me as ‘competitive’.

My first race is in April, the 15th to be exact and it’s the charity race I mentioned earlier (donation link at the top of the page folks!!).  It is a 5k race that is fairly flat if it follows the same course as last year (I’m going to email the coordinator and find out) I’m hoping to be able to post a time of about 21 minutes in that race, I do have two and a half months to train for it after all.

The second race is the Warrior Dash that I mentioned earlier as well.  While it is the same distance as my first race it will be a totally different beast, with hilly terrain and many obstacles to get past.  It should be so much fun though and exciting as well.

The third race I’m in is the Mudnewton again!  I just signed up for it last night, as it was the last early bird day (saving me a whopping $5).  Apparently the course will be a bit different while more obstacles and such.  It is a 10k race and comes only a month after the Warrior Dash, which has me a bit concerned since I’ll be training mainly to sprint 5k as fast as I can up till July 21st and then I have to be able to go the 10k distance with a good pace only a month later (August 25th).  Can I train for those two things at the same time?  Last year I was just over and hour doing the Mudnewton after training runs had me doing 10k in about 46 minutes, clearly I have to add a few more hills into my training, not only for this particular race, but for the Warrior Dash as well.

I doubt that I will be adding any more races to the card, I’ve laid out a lot of money just to be in these races, I might feel a bit differently if there is something exciting in May or June, but for now, this is it!

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