Sunday, February 26, 2012

Toronto: Science Center, Barberians, The ROM, Fuel House

Amber and I each took a day off work and took a trip to Toronto together, it was a bit of a quieter trip than usual since I have no voice and I was sick enough that I had to focus on what she was saying so I could understand.  We had arranged the time off well in advance and there was no way the trip was getting cancelled.

We went with only a few ideas in mind really, to go to the science center and Barberians on the Friday and then either the Zoo or the ROM Saturday and just see how it all would go.  That was my suggestion really, if Amber had her way she would have scheduled everything to the minute.  My thought was that is we just have an idea instead of a plan, we can’t be ‘late’ for things, we can just enjoy the time.

It was a very snowy drive to Toronto, and for a while we were stuck behind sander trucks going only 50Km/h on the highway! So it took us about two hours to reach our first stop, The Ontario Science Centre.  We went there mainly to see the Da Vinci exhibit and it was quite interesting to see all the things he invented like robot soldiers and gunships along with paintings and the typical things that everyone is familiar with like the flying bat/kite thing and the Mona Lisa.  I wish there had been more hands on things to do within the exhibit like there is in the rest of the Centre.  One thing that was interesting though was that all his codex books were written backwards! Strange.

That evening we got dressed up and went to Barberians for dinner.  If you are a long time reader you will recall that I was there before.  I tried French onion soup which was alright, but not that great, I’m not a big onion fan to begin with so that is not too surprising.  I ordered the same steak as when I went with Matt, rib steak.  It was just as good as I remembered and had built it up in my mind.  so seasoning or sauce required by me, just cut, and let it melt in my mouth.  Up to this point in the day I was watching what I ate, but after ordering a 16oz steak I knew calories were shot for the day, and I was perfectly fine with that!  We also got honey roasted carrots with bacon, so good.  We skipped dessert mainly because Amber and I both felt we were ready to burst from eating so much food.

The following day we had to decide if we were going to the to the Toronto Zoo (and see the baby polar bear) or go to the ROM to see the Mayan exhibit.  Since the sun was not shining even by the time we came back from the whirlpool at the hotel we decided that the ROM was the way to go.  The Mayan exhibit was very cool and it was interesting to see some things from Altun-Ha where we visited on our cruise in Belize and many of the other things.  It was another show where we were not allowed to take pictures which I think is silly, but whatever.  We also checked out the baby dinosaur exhibit which was disappointing!  It was just one little room with about 10 artefacts.  Lame.

It was late afternoon by the time we were leaving the ROM and we decided that we should go to my cousin’s restaurant for lunch, Fuel House.  I’m not just saying this because it is my cousin’s place, but you should eat here is you are in the area!  The food was amazing!  Amber ordered a Roasted Beets and Pear Salad and the house burger, I had the Calamari Po’ Boy and fries.  We each shared our sides and a bite or two of the sammiches.  So good.  The fries were some of the best I  have ever had and the Po’ Boy was just amazing!  They are at 53 Clinton, just northeast of College and Bathurst.

From there we came home and relaxed a bit then I was off to play goalie for our team, and it turns out I played both games.  Our game was a 4-4 tie at the end of the ‘official’ time, in the dressing room we all agreed that one of their goals was scored on a high stick and so I called it back.  In the second game it was a 2-2 tie as well.  In both games combined I only allowed 1 clean shot in, the rest were deflections or odd bounces so I am happy with that.  Especially in our game since we were playing against the best team in the league and missing five of our regular players!

Through this whole weekend and even today I have been pretty sick though, I still have no voice, and while I generally feel alright, my inability to speak is a bit of a pain.  It would have been a bit nicer to chat a little more easily with Amber and my cousin over the weekend.

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