Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Running Record

Monday was a day off and I took the opportunity to run in the morning.  I have not done that since the last weekend of September before hockey started.  I always feel like I have much more jump running in the morning compared to running after work.  I’m not worn out from the day or full of food.

It was about –10C here today (10F) and the air burning my lungs as I sucked it in while running.  There are a few things about winter running that I don’t really like.  I’m either too cold or too hot, there does not seem to be a middle ground.  I’m also very snotty, thankfully my hockey ‘career’ as it is has taught me how to deal with a runny nose and no Kleenex handy – snot rockets.  Seriously if you are congested, go outside and run for 10 minutes, you’ll be clear in no time!

I changed the route around my house today to actually be 5K instead if 5.2K.  As I discovered a couple of weeks ago, 200 Metres is a big deal when you are tracking time and so I thought it would be better to have a course that reflects the distance of my first race (which is only a about seven weeks away – click the link up top to donate!).

The lay if the land is obviously a bit different than the race course but it has the same general properties, two steep hills (one right away) a long gentle incline and a couple of mild down hill sections.  Those couple of weeks ago, after work I completed the 5K race course in 22:59.  Today I ran 5K at my house in…… 22:35!  Not too shabby if i do say so myself. That is 13.28Km/h and 4:31 per Kilometre.

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