Friday, March 2, 2012

Almost There

I just have to stay on target.

I have my new program at the gym and despite not feeling the greatest I have gone anyways, because sometimes it is a bit of a compulsion for me to go regardless of how I feel.  If I’m going to be sick anyways, I might as well keep on doing the things I like so that I can enjoy myself a little bit and when I am better I can crush whatever number I put up during my sick time – win/win really.

I’m not feeling that sick at the moment, just a little bit of a blech in my chest, but nothing too bad and yesterday I went to the gym to run.  I was going to run the race course again outside of work between my work time and our staff meeting but we had a bit of snow here and a few people were sick so the staff meeting got cancelled until next week.

As you might recall I am trying to get my 5K running time down to 20 minutes or less. and while originally my stated fitness gaol was to have my time under 23 minutes I have already totally destroyed that.  Last night at the gym I was on the treadmill again and just set the pace a little bit higher again. 8.7mph for most of the run, then upped it during the last couple of laps.

This resulted in a 5K time of 21:30!  On the same machine that my previous record of 22:10 was set.  Forty seconds faster is a lot and I am really thinking that the twenty minute goal is within my grasp long before the July date of the Warrior Dash.  Hopefully I can get this time to be under 21 minutes in time for the 5K KMs for Care charity run that I am doing (donate above!) I think that would be really quite amazing. Especially when I consider that in mid December when I picked running back up I was doing the 5K in over 25 minutes!

Progress, I love it!

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