Thursday, March 8, 2012

Call Me Barry Allen

Or Wally West if you prefer.

I’ve just come home from the gym where I ran today.  I was hoping to run the race course by work again but after a beautiful day yesterday, the weather today was a disaster!

Sleet coming down nearly horizontal due to the wind drove me inside onto the treadmill.  And while the treadmill is monotonous I figure it is good for training my body to run at a given pace.  And that pace is like greased lightning going down hill with the wind at my back.  Ha!

Seriously though I am getting faster each passing day and I am anxious to have a morning where I can run the 5k by my house without having to play hockey later that day or less than twelve hours after having just played hockey.

Today’s 5k time was 21:10, twenty seconds faster than the last time I ran on the treadmill and inching ever closer to a twenty minute 5k run.  If I can keep up this pace of shaving 20-30 seconds off my time each week it might even be before the month is over that I can make this happen!

The Flash would be proud.

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  1. Downright impressive. Jodi told me a little about how far you've come and I must say, I'd guess you were a lifelong runner reading your posts. You're doing awesome!